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About us

LEEBON GLOBAL is an export trading company that export Korean products to the overseas market.

Established in 2016, we have cumulatively sold over 5 million carryover fashion products to over 20 countries and is consolidating our position as a professional business with global competitiveness.
With stable funding and sturdy organization, our company purchases carryover fashion products from famous brands, both domestic and international. Rather than focusing on the local market, we sell them in different stores or export them to minimize the loss of brand image. Through large-scale purchases, we can contribute to the management of our clients and their company.

LEEBON GLOBAL is striving to overcome inventory and operating fund management problems due to the shrinking consumer confidence and will do our best to establish a basis for joint growth for both the client and our company.

As a professional business, we will continue to work hard to contribute to the sustainable development of Korea's fashion industry in the 21st century.


01. Stock Check & Negotiation

Stock Check & Negotiation Agreement on optimal trade conditions through evaluation of brand positioning and inventory assessment

02. Contract

Sign sales contract after discussing terms and conditions of the contract, including distribution channels, transfer and acquisition, payment conditions, schedule, etc.

03. Warehousing

Transfer to Leebon Global Logistics Center, classification work by container, by palette and by brand, and categorical classification work

04. Categorization

Categorizing depending on brand, gender, season, category, size, etc.

05. Sales Analyze

Establishment of optimal distribution and sales through classification work

06. Buyer Connect

Establishment of optimal distribution and sales through classification work

07. Sales

B2B and B2C sales are continued according to the terms and conditions of the contract with the company

08. Tracking

Report on final distribution channels by brand supplied / Additional supply agreement after review of local sales condition


Domestic and foreign men/women/casual/sporty/suits, etc. brand inventory is purchased by year and by season, and distributed/sold internationally through analysis of optimal distribution channels.


One year's worth of domestic cosmetics products are purchased and exported/directly sold abroad or relayed depending on contract conditions.


Domestic and foreign young/kid fashion brands are purchased then distributed/sold domestically and abroad based on distribution conditions.


When a large number of domestic and foreign brand products such as household goods and electrical appliances are possessed, we support wholesale retail/export through matching with Leebon Global's buyers.


Achieved 73.7 billion won in transactions

Hollhaus, RENOMA, GV2, NIX SOUP, etc.


Accumulated transactions of 132.1 billion won

Achieved 58.4 billion won in transactions with POLHAM, Empolham, UGIZ, Wonder Place, Lecaf, etc.


Accumulated transactions of 155.2 billion won

Achieved 23.1 billion won in transactions with WonderPlace, PlacJean, Ccokio PB etc.


Target transaction volume of 250 billion won

Advanced platform systemization of buyer network for 800 buyers in 120 countries


Contact us

3F, 8, Teheran-ro 98-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

39, Geummaru 6-gil, Papyeong-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea